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Version Française ICI

After a successful year with AKIKO, the FUSION team is bursting with anticipation as we prepare to take the stage with our latest production, ZORKA, set to captivate audiences across multiple cities this year.

We are currently looking for extraordinary emerging singers to be part of our shows. We recruit locally and are looking for local artists in the Moncton area, Fredericton, Saint John, Halifax and Caraquet.

Since its inception, the FUSION show has captivated audiences with 20 performances, drawing nearly 25,000 attendees across various cities. Conceived by Dieppe entrepreneur and visual artist Matt LeBlanc, FUSION has evolved into one of Atlantic Canada's most beloved shows.

ZORKA's narrative unfolds through a dynamic blend of video, dance, singing, gymnastics, live music, acrobatics, and other riveting performances. The production features state-of-the-art digital projections, mesmerizing light displays, meticulously crafted costumes, elaborate stage design, intricate choreography, and a captivating storyline. It's a sensational entertainment experience that transcends boundaries!

If you’re a singer and want to get involved with one of the most popular shows in our region, this is your opportunity. Here’s what you need to do:

- Deadline: Sunday March 31st

- Create an audition video (less than 4 minutes; you don’t need to sing an entire song).

- First part should be about you. Please tell us your name, age and where you’re from. (30-45 seconds or less).

- Second part should be you singing your audition song. You don’t need the entire piece but choose a song that fits you, and show us what you got!

- Don’t stress over the “production side” of this video. We want to hear you sing and see your personality (in the first part of the video). It’s ok if your cat decides to walk in the background while you nailed your best take.  Your video is for our eyes and won’t be shared with anyone else.

- Once the video is ready, you can send it to us in an email. You can use a link to a Dropbox folder or a private youtube link (or via email directly if the file is not too big). Please tell us for which show (the region) you are auditioning in your email.

- Please send your submission to our Musical Director and copy our Executive Director . We will reply to tell you we received the submission. If not, pleases follow-up to make sure we got it. 

- Please note that we won’t accept a video from a past live performance as your submission, but you can include it if you want to. Only audition videos will be taken and considered.
- We will select a group from all the submissions and request in-person live auditions to finalize the team.
Singers who have participated in previous shows always say it was one of their best experiences as a performer. They loved having the chance to participate in a big production that included photo shoots, film shoots, makeup sessions and unique costumes. It’s truly an unforgettable experience.

Be prepared to be transported into the heart of one of Atlantic Canada's premier performance spectacles. Featuring the participation of over 75 local artists, this is your ticket to witnessing the pinnacle of the region's amazing talents. Don't miss out on an unforgettable experience!


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