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Welcome to AKIKO, the 9th creation of Les Productions FUSION Productions which was seen by 5,000 guests over multiple shows in various cities. After four long years away from the stage, AKIKO is our best show yet. 
When you attend a FUSION event, you will experience one of the best performance shows in Atlantic Canada. With over 50 local artists participating from the host city, there’s no better way to witness the region’s top young talents.
Since its inception, the increasingly popular FUSION show has had 19 events, with almost 25,000 people enjoying their creative productions. Dieppe abstract artist, entrepreneur, and show creator Matt LeBlanc keeps growing and expanding his vision for his company’s multi-media extravaganzas.
The story is developed and told through a series of videos and artistic expressions such as dance, singing, gymnastics, live music, acrobatics and other live performances. The show includes digital projections, a fantastic light show, handmade and hand-painted costumes, elaborate stage design, complex choreography, and a storyline that blends everything into a big, bold entertainment extravaganza!

AKIKO Storyline

Welcome to AKIKO, the 9th creation of Les Productions FUSION Productions and home to a magical realm with an ancient prophecy like no other.
Solaria and Lunaria, twin princesses destined to rule a kingdom, the power only attainable united. The prophecy tells of a sacred night, one that only comes every thousand years. When the Kismet Solar Eclipse darkens the lands, the princess of night may strengthen her power and conquer the sun so she can rule AKIKO. 
Lunaria has waited her entire life for this prophecy to come. Finally, it has arrived, and she will stop at nothing to vanquish the sun, even if that means taking her sister down with it. One crown, two hearts, and a quest for power.