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Ladies and gentlemen! We direct your attention to centre stage. 

Les Productions FUSION presents…

A riot of artistic endeavour — created through art, fashion, special effects, story, and performance.


Now, with shows in multiple cities, Les Productions FUSION keeps breaking boundaries and making an impact in the community. Our FUSION events are a blend of art, fashion, special effects, videos, story and performance offering a visually stunning presentation.

The FUSION shows have been seen by thousands of people since inception and raised over $200,000 for various charities. More than 750 local artists such as dancers, singers, musicians, acrobats, gymnasts, tumblers and many more have participated in our shows since 2011.

These events stimulate artistic growth benefiting the cultural sector and many young artists where they operate. The FUSION product has shown continued success and growth since inception and is now hosting major events in various cities across the Maritimes and the FUSION Team is planning other locations for upcoming years.

As Fusion moves into new markets, young talented performers will be sought out through partnerships with schools, dance academies, cultural centers, etc. That’s the uniqueness of FUSION. They recruit locally! The productions then become an artistic backdrop for a multitude of performances and offer a local flavour to every show. 

Upcoming Shows

Dive into the captivating realm of ZORKA, the extraordinary 10th creation by Les Productions FUSION. Following a triumphant year with AKIKO, we're thrilled to unveil our latest production. Details will be released soon.

Get Your Glow On

We’ve been in the event industry for over a decade and have amassed many accessories to make your next party a unique and memorable experience for your guests. Click HERE to get all the details.

A New Web Series


This web series of ten episodes, was created in 2021. It was created for our fans and future guests of our shows to celebrate our ten year anniversary. You’ll get to meet the team, get their perspective on the process and learn the thought process behind some of our shows. You’ll get to see past performances and interviews from various artists.