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Meet Matt LeBlanc, the visionary behind Fusion Productions, whose artistic prowess has shaped a remarkable legacy in the world of entertainment. Over the span of the past decade, his leadership and creativity has transformed a modest hometown show in Dieppe, New Brunswick, into an electrifying cultural phenomenon resonating throughout the Maritime region and beyond. Through a combination of innovation, strategic planning, and unwavering dedication, LeBlanc has elevated Fusion Productions to unprecedented heights, captivating audiences far and wide. 

Achievements: With 9 successful productions under his belt, Matt's shows have mesmerized over 20,000 guests in multiple cities over more than 20 events. His commitment to pushing creative boundaries is evident in each captivating performance.

Local Artistic Collaboration: Matt's passion extends beyond the stage. He has collaborated with over 800 local artists, infusing Fusion Productions with the rich tapestry of regional talent. Together, they've created unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences.

Philanthropy and Community Impact: Beyond the applause, Matt leads his organisation in making a meaningful impact. His shows have raised over $200,000 for local charities, showcasing his dedication to using entertainment as a force for positive change.

Forward Momentum: Armed with a marketing degree and some business awards, Matt's success is built on a foundation of creativity and strategic acumen. As FUSION looks toward new markets, Matt's ambitious vision propels the organization toward even greater heights. In the dynamic world of entertainment, Matt LeBlanc remains committed to conquering challenges. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, he eagerly anticipates the exciting journey ahead for the organisation.

Art Career: Matt LeBlanc has also risen from virtual anonymity in his home province of New Brunswick, to become one of the most popular artists in eastern Canada and beyond. His unique blend of art and commerce has allowed him to sell over 4,000 paintings in more than 20 countries since 2007.

His work has been featured in home decor magazines, blogs and on television shows airing on HGTV Canada. Matt’s ability to design a unique piece of art based on his client’s current décor has been a big asset in developing his strong brand as an artist. His hard work and innovate approach to business was recognized when he received an Excellence in Innovation award from the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce. You can view some of his art HERE

Since 2009, Ariane has been dancing with Danse Chaos Dance in Moncton, NB and has been part of the competitive crews from the start. Since 2016, Ariane has been teaching competitive dancers of several levels. Her dedication was awarded by the dance school with special mentions including “Most involved” in 2016 and “Role model” in 2017. Part of the Fusion team on stage as a dancer for multiple years including Tukko I & II, she can now put her passion backstage to help bring the show together.

Ariane was a big part of AKIKO in 2023 as a Production Assistant, where she thrived at managing four shows in New-Brunswick and in Nova Scotia. Now as the Production Manager, Ariane will help manage the team and all future shows created by our organisation. 

Tyler Andrew is a multi-disciplinary visual designer and entertainment technician from the greater Moncton area. Specializing in lighting and video design, Tyler loves crafting rich visual experiences. He is excited to be back working in theater after focusing on live events and television for the past few years. Pulling from various disciplines of lighting design, he combines different techniques in unconventional and unique ways.

Tyler Joined the fusion team in 2019 lighting JAHA in Moncton, he was thrilled to join the team again to mount AKIKO in 2023. He is always looking to find new and exciting methods to bring his designs to life and hopes you enjoy the experience.

Known to many as “Shania Fillmore” of YTV’s THE NEXT STAR SEASON 4 and THE NEXT STAR: SUPERGROUP, this small-town girl from New Brunswick, Canada, loves the arts!

Settled back in her hometown, Shania Scichilone has spent her time as Musical Director for Les Productions Fusions during show season, and the rest of her time has been filled with writing. Her debut novel, A FATE OF SMOKE AND ASH, begins her new career as an author.

Music, acting, reading, and writing are what she lives and breathes. The art world is her truest passion.

Lise Robichaud, a passionate artist since childhood, is an innovative designer with a diverse background in art and fashion. She earned her Foundation Visual Arts Certificate in 2009, followed by a Fashion Design Diploma in 2011. Subsequently, she acquired certifications in Hairstyling in 2013 and Nail Technology in 2016.

Since 2013, Lise has utilized her skills in fashion shoots as a stylist and backdrop artist. In 2015, she co-launched Virtuosew, her own brand, blending elements from various artistic realms to create imaginative and unique pieces that captivate both on and off stage.

Joining the Fusion team in 2017, Lise continues to be fascinated by creative costume design, crafting articles that are both artistic and functional. Her constant exploration of new materials, concepts, and techniques reflects her bold creativity, poised to captivate audiences as Fusion expands its reach.

Chloé's journey in dance began at a young age, where she competed and relished the backstage buzz. Transitioning away from dance, she found a new passion in supporting behind-the-scenes operations. At FUSION, she ensures smooth flow for every show, swiftly mastering the intricate details with her focused and organized nature.

Chloé also possesses a keen eye for creativity and design, successfully assisting the team with all creative aspects of the show, from makeup to hair and costumes. She thrives on the process from idea to creation, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Colleen has been dedicated to cheerleading for over 20 years and coaching since 2001. As a USASF certified Level 5 coach, Cheer NB President, and 3 time NCA All American Cheerleader, several provincial and national championships - it's safe to say she is passionate for this sport.

Colleen feels her greatest accomplishments are the life-long relationships made with the athletes and coaches along the way. This includes the relationship and partnership with the Fusion family and the excitement of the future growth of this amazing organization.

Since 2006, Christopher has produced TV ads, music videos and promotions for some of the east coast’s best-known musicians, artists, models and many corporate clients.

Chris has been on the Fusion team since the beginning. He's responsible for all the videos and animations seen before and during the show. He's also very involved in the creative process of developing new shows.