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Client Gifts - FUSION JAHA - EXIT Realty


When you partner with Les Productions FUSION you are supporting our shows but you are also supporting over 250 local artists across multiple shows that have worked tirelessly to present the best show possible. They are young, professional and eager to entertain our guests. Their dream is to make it on the big stage. With your partnership, their dreams are becoming a reality.

Every show also supports local charities, with the help of silent and live auctions. This is an important part of the concept, as we feel that FUSION is very much a community production. Since inception, FUSION events have given over $150,000 to various charities

So put your best foot forward. Visualize this partnership through the eyes of our clients. This is more than a marketing play. It’s about creating experiences that will resonate long after your brand strikes its activations and it's a great way to support your community!


Les Productions FUSION has been bringing works of art to life at Casino NB since 2011 and the team is extremely excited to introduce an all ages show at the Moncton Wesleyan Celebration Centre this coming October.
We would like to partner up with EXIT Realty to offer closing gifts for your clients with our unique FUSION BOX. This is a great way to thank your clients with a great night out with friends and family supporting our local talents.
  • One FUSION BOX Contains
    • Tickets for the FUSION show
    • Souvenir from the show (supernova art)
    • Branded thank you card from realtor including a photo and message

  • Our Offer
    • The venue sells the tickets at $45 + venue fees
    • We’re offering you:
      • 2 tickets + supernova art piece for $75 (saving of $35)
      • 4 tickets + supernova art souvenir for $125 (saving of $75)
      • 10 tickets or more, the price goes down to $30 each tickets
    • All groups of tickets will be packaged in a box and include a supernova art piece with the easel as a show souvenir 
  • EXAMPLE: 20 tickets could give you
    • 10 gifts (10 pairs of two tickets) OR
    • 7 gifts (3 families and 4 couples) OR
    • 5 gifts (5 families) ... etc.
    • Your cost for 20 tickets is $600 (20 x $30)
    • If you prefer to receive an email and pay by cheque, email transfer or credit card, just email and we can help you out.
    • Show Information
      • October 05, 2019
      • All ages show at the Moncton Wesleyan Celebration Center (great gift for a family). The next Casino show will be in 2020.
      • The increasingly popular FUSION show, has had eleven consecutive sold-out events since inception with almost 10,000 people enjoying their creative productions. Dieppe abstract artist and show creator, Matt LeBlanc keeps growing and expanding his vision for his company’s multi-media extravaganzas.
      • Over 75 local young artists