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Welcome to TUUKO II, the 7th creation of Les Productions FUSION Productions. TUUKO II was the sequel of 2016's amazing event and was presented in fall 2017 in Moncton at Casino NB and the Capitol theatre. The show went on the road to Fredericton for the first time at the Fredericton Convention Center. Over 2,500 people saw TUUKO II in 2017 and it was a great success.

TUUKO II Storyline 

Long before our time on Earth's twin planet TUUKO, there was the NIGHTBLADE. Powerful and mysterious, it's origin unknown. A dark emperor, TALEN is thought to be the last warrior to use the NIGHTBLADE on the Eye Tuuko before vanishing in the great battle for planet TUUKO. It is said a warrior was successfully sent from a far away place to awaken the eye from the dark effect of the NIGHTBLADE and bring peace to the land of TUUKO.

When the great battle ended, the DARK INVADERS were banished to the desolate sands of Tuuko's most distant moon. The great weapon of power constructed by the dark ones, THE NIGHTBLADE, was sealed in a magical cube and set in the heart of TUUKO, to keep the planet’s magic in balance.

The prophecy foretells that the NIGHTBLADE can only be released from the cube when good and evil complete its portrait in an act of mutual faith. After years of peace, Abrielle has become the village chief. She is known for her great wisdom and strength as a warrior. The Tuukans, along with their Earth allies, must face a new threat and overcome their fear as dark forces surround them.

It is said that after 12 transitions of Tuuko's star, or 20 Earth years, the dark ones will awaken from their slumber and return to TUUKO in search of the NIGHTBLADE. Will TUUKO fall to the DARK INVADERS or will another spirit save this world by defeating THE INVADERS and casting them away to the darkness from which they came?