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Welcome to TUUKO, the 6th creation of Les Productions FUSION Productions

TUUKO is a place billions of light years from earth, where the inhabitants live happily under the watchful Eye of Tuuko, guardian spirit of their planet. One day, Dark Invaders descend on the village and darken the sacred Eye. Join our heroine, Abrielle as she sets out on a quest to unite the four ‘Speakers’ in beautiful harmony to awaken the Eye and bring light back to Tuuko – along with its twin planet…The Earth!

TUUKO brings art to life on stage — complete with dazzling lights, uplifting music, energetic dance and rousing live performances — all presented through an engaging story. This one-of-a-kind show features a breathtaking line-up of Matt LeBlanc’s creations. FUSION has grown from an audience of a few hundred into the thousands, now with shows in multiple cities.