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Magica was presented in Moncton and Caraquet in 2015.

Set in a magical forest, Magica is the story of a forbidding forest that was once alive and thriving, but is now under the spell of a vengeful Queen. Can two strangers change the course of history by making peace between warring tribes to defeat the Queen?

Matt LeBlanc's fifth FUSION production, MAGICA, brings art to life on stage — complete with exhilarating lights, music, dance, performances — all presented through story.  This one-of-a-kind show features a breathtaking line-up of Matt’s creations, with everything from Matt himself creating an original piece of art on stage and hand painted costumes, to artistic stage design, and many other creative inspirations.

FUSION events have become more spectacular every year as the vision expands. It has grown from an audience of a few hundred into the thousands, now with shows in multiple cities. 

Magica Storyline

Magica is the story of a forgotten forest that is haunted by its past. Many years ago, Queen Athena was the gentle and benevolent queen who ruled over Magica and was guardian to the magical Talum Tree. Athena kept peace between a tribe of hard working artisans (the Custos) and a mischievous tribe of trickster fairies (the Rebelles). Athena's husband, King Arcadius, was patron of art and beauty, and their baby daughter Lumenia, the light of their lives.

After years of peace, this beautiful and prosperous existence was threatened by a tribe of invaders seeking the riches of their forest. The Rebelles and Custos broke their truce. Fierce battling ensued, and Queen Athena and King Arcadius, believing all was lost, gave their daughter to the safekeeping of the Talum Tree.

In the final battle, King Arcadius is slain, the invaders set the Talum tree afire, and the Queen believes she has lost everything — her husband, her daughter, and the livelihood of Magica. Embittered, Queen Athena blames the Custos tribe and enslaves them. She swears vengeance on the Rebelles, and refuses to allow any beauty in her forest.

But all is not lost... her daughter was rescued by a passing peasant, who comes back to Magica not knowing her true identity. It is Lumenia’s destiny to restore beauty and harmony to Magica, with the aid of a lost wanderer, called Forgotten One. Will Lumenia discover who she is? Will the Custos be set free and make lasting peace with the Rebelles? Can Magica be be a place of beauty once again? This is where it all begins…

Magica is created and produced by Les Productions FUSION Productions. Now in its sixth year, our productions keep expanding with audiences into the thousands and shows in multiple venues and languages. The evening will be filled with the beauty and magic you've come to expect from Les Productions FUSION productions. Featuring paintings by Matt LeBlanc's special surprises to delight and inspire you.