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Stronger Communities

Artists and arts organizations are an important resource on our path to building stronger connections and stronger communities. We believe the arts and our events are a way to engage our communities and make them stronger as a whole.

Events produced by Les Productions FUSION Productions​ are having a significant impact in the community where it’s taken place and beyond. The last show included over 60 young artists and most of them had never performed in a significant production on a big stage like the one at Casino New Brunswick.

The average age of our artists is 17 years and most of them say they will remember this experience for the rest of their lives. FUSION offers hundreds of hours of free training and practice in their field of performance. Singers, musicians, dancers, gymnasts, martial artists, cheerleaders and many other disciplines are included in every show.

As Fusion moves into new markets, young talented performers will be sought out through partnerships with schools, dance academies, cultural centers, etc. FUSION is becoming an artistic backdrop for a multitude of performances.

As we bring the productions to other communities, this concept will bring a surge of growth to the local artistic scene and will further demonstrate to audiences the latest talent that graces their regions.

The productions are also having a significant economic impact on the region. Each show employs a variety of professionals (choreographers, lighting technicians, sound technicians, costume designers, makeup artists, carpenters, etc ) Guests at the shows have come as far as New York City and we consistently see people from other Maritime provinces travelling to the event, which is great for our local economy.