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Dive into the captivating realm of ZORKA, the extraordinary 10th creation by FUSION Productions. Following a triumphant year with AKIKO, we're thrilled to unveil our latest production with 8 shows in 5 cities including Fredericton on Saturday September 28th. With over 75 local artists from the Fredericton area participating, there’s no better way to witness the region’s top young talents. This will be the 4th FUSION show in Fredericton, and last year's event was sold out with 1,000 guests, so don't wait too long to get your tickets.

Since its inception, the increasingly popular FUSION show has had 22 events, with almost 25,000 people enjoying their creative productions. Moncton abstract artist, entrepreneur, and show creator Matt LeBlanc keeps growing and expanding his vision for his company’s multi-media extravaganzas.

The show unfolds seamlessly in a captivating sequence of story and dynamic artistic expressions, encompassing dance, singing, gymnastics, live music, acrobatics, and various other live performances. The FUSION shows are heightened by cutting-edge digital projections, a mesmerizing light show, meticulously crafted handmade and hand-painted costumes, intricate stage design, and sophisticated choreography. The storyline ingeniously weaves together all these elements, culminating in a grand and audacious entertainment extravaganza!

The FUSION team brings a creative vision to the Fredericton big stage with a stunning show, intertwining the corporate world with local artists from YOUR community (we recruit locally). FUSION's innovation is how they creatively and effectively promote and support over 300 local artists among six current cities with their edgy artistic production. The show is extremely unique and depends on all the artists involved. Click HERE to learn more. 

Presented by: RBC Wealth Management - The Johnson Group 

Date: Saturday September 28, 2024

Where: UNB Currie Center

Show Time: Cocktail reception starts at 6:30 PM. The show starts promptly at 8:00 PM. 

Age restriction: The show is open to anyone. If you want to bring your kids, we do recommend older kids (12 plus) and we would recommend the bleachers. The tables have been mostly sold as a corporate/adult event and guests will enjoy some drinks. 

Charity: Since 2010, FUSION Productions has raised over $200,000 for various charities, and that number will keep climbing as our productions grow and expand to other markets. The Fredericton show will support The Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick. As the  province-wide leader and champion for mental health, CMHA of NB facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness. There will be auction items on display at the event and a raffle draw with prizes. All money raised will stay in Fredericton in your community.


TICKETS ON SALE JULY 16TH AT 10AM - The layout offers 80 tables on the floor and bleachers seating. Floor tickets (full table or individual tickets) are sold on this website and bleacher seats are sold directly from the UNB website (link will be posted here on July 16th)

The show was sold-out last year so don't wait too long to get your seats. Seating will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Floor seating is prioritized by major sponsors, table sponsors, full tables and then individual tickets. 

We do our best to seat everyone at the same table for the number of tickets you buy, but the earlier your tickets are purchased, the more likely you will be able to all sit together. Please make sure you get your tickets early to avoid disappointment. If we can't sit you together, we'll contact you. 


Not sure what to wear or what the reception is all about? Please REVIEW THE FAQ for more information. You can also send us an email via our contact form at the following LINK.  All questions related to tickets sold by the UNB should be directed to them.


Cost: $40 plus tax  


  • Cocktail reception before the show
  • These tickets are sold on the UNB Currie Center Website


Cost: $50 plus tax 

  • Cocktail reception before the show
  • Sitting at a table among friends and closer to the entertainment
  • We do our best to seat everyone at the same table for the number of tickets you buy, but the earlier your tickets are purchased, the more likely you will be able to all sit together. We have never separated tickets before, and if we absolutely have to do it, we will contact you prior.
Cost: $550 plus tax
The show is best experienced with a group of friends! Gather up your crew and get a full table where everyone sits together. 
  • Best experience for a group of friends
  • Full table (seats 10) and guaranteed to sit together
  • Cocktail reception before the show


Cost: $800 plus tax
Investing into a sponsor table is investing in your staff, clients or potential clients giving them the opportunity to experience one of the best performance show in Atlantic Canada. There's no better way to witness the region's top young talents by experiencing it with a group of your chosen.  
  • Preferred seating over general admission and regular tables (BEST SEATS in the house after major sponsors)
  • Marketing package promoting your business (see link for all the details)
  • Full table (seats 10)
  • Cocktail reception

ZORKA Storyline

Step into the distant future of Zorka, a world shattered by an enigmatic calamity. Eli, a determined explorer, embarks on a solitary journey across the desolate landscapes in search of a sacred crystal that whispers promises of restoration.

Among the abandoned cities, Eli encounters holographic echoes, vividly portraying the bygone vibrancy, technological marvels, and unity of Zorka's people. These glimpses into the past become the backdrop to Eli's quest, offering poignant insights into what once was.

Amidst challenges and unexpected alliances, Eli reaches the heart of Zorka, where the remnants of the catastrophic event lie. With the sacred artifact in hand, she becomes the catalyst for change. The holographic projections intensify, revealing a vision of renewal and hope.

As Eli unlocks the crystal's power, Zorka begins to heal. Nature reclaims its territory, tribes find common ground, and the echoes of the past merge with the promise of a harmonious future. The curtain falls on a revitalized Zorka, guided by Eli's resilience and the echoes of its once-thriving civilization.