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The increasingly popular annual FUSION show, have had sixteen consecutive sold-out shows in front of over 20,000 guests since inception. In 2023, Moncton entrepreneur, abstract artist and show creator, Matt LeBlanc, is expanding his vision for his company’s multi-media extravaganzas in six cities.

FUSION events are a blend of art, fashion, special effects, projections, videos, story and performance presented in a visually stunning evening. Shows include stunning handmade & hand-painted costumes, fantasy makeup, elaborate stage design, complex choreography, and a storyline that blends everything together into something big and bold. 

Our show also gives the opportunity for talented young local artists from different performance genres to be recognized and appreciated on the big stage. Every show has a cast of over 75 local artists. We have also helped raised over $200,000 for various charities/foundations since we started our shows over 10 years ago. 



AKIKO, the 10th creation of Les Productions FUSION Productions and home to the keepers of time. In JAHA, the delicate clockwork that governs time has been disrupted. The inhabitants of this strange dimension are trapped in an endless loop of time's passing and must seek their lost numbers from beyond the colorful realm of dreams to restore their now chaotic existence to the peaceful, balanced world they once knew. 

Join SARAH on her quest to conquer her fears as she traverses before your very eyes from nightmares to the portal of infinite colors and into the realm of JAHA.