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TUUKO comes to life this November in Fredericton

Les Productions FUSION Productions has been bringing creative productions to life in its Moncton shows since 2011. And, for the first time, the FUSION event is heading to Fredericton with the latest production TUUKO; presented by RBC Dominion Securities.

The increasingly popular annual FUSION show, have had six consecutive sold-out shows with over 6,000 guests in attendance since inception. This year, Dieppe abstract artist and show creator, Matt LeBlanc, is expanding his vision for his company’s multi-media extravaganzas.

While these productions have always been inspired by the artist’s work, they also showcase amazing local talents who excel in a variety of artistic disciplines. Every show has a cast of about 75 local creative artists. The story is developed and told through a series of videos and artistic expression such as dance, singing, gymnastics, live music, acrobatics and other live performances. LeBlanc himself is part of the cast, creating a piece of art — live before the audience — with throbbing beats and a stunning light show as his muse.

“Each show has a multitude of different performances, and audiences are blown away each year,” says LeBlanc. “FUSION is unique, there’s no other show like this anywhere in New Brunswick.”

LeBlanc’s original vision was to host FUSION productions as a way to promote his art, but as the audiences grew and the productions became larger and more elaborate, he realized it was no longer just about him, but also about the incredibly talented people, both on and off stage. The 2016 edition of FUSION, for example, included more than 100 people — from performers and backstage crew to promoters and designers.

Having a visual artist as the creator and artistic director of the productions offers a different perspective on the traditional meaning of art. LeBlanc spends thounsands of hours creating and painting costumes, props, set designs and other visual elements, making the show a one-of-a-kind visual experience .

This year, Les Productions FUSION Productions is preparing to bring its biggest show ever to New Brunswick’s capital. The production, entitled TUUKO, offers an engaging plot and a multitude of characters, such as swamp creatures, dark invaders, an ice goddess and the colorful inhabitants of TUUKO — the TUUKANS! The story takes place on a planet billions of light years from Earth where the TUUKANS live happily under the watchful eye of TUUKO, the guardian spirit of the planet. But they are threatened by Dark Invaders and it is up to their leader and one of the main characters, Abrielle, to bring peace back to her planet.

The Fredericton show will support CMHA of New Brunswick.  As the nation-wide leader and champion for mental health, CMHA facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness. There will be auction items on display at the event, a live auction and a 50/50 draw. All money raised will stay in Fredericton in your community.

After having two successful shows in Moncton these past weeks, Matt LeBlanc and team are working steadily at bringing TUUKO to a new city. The Fredericton show takes place on November 18th at the Convention Center.  Tickets are $50 and can be purchased HERE. More details about the show can be found HERE


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