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Show Time: Cocktail reception starts at 6:00 PM. ZORKA starts promptly at 7:00 PM.

Not sure what to wear or what the reception is all about? Please review the FAQ for more information.

All tickets are on sale at the ticket office of the Dieppe Arts & Culture Centre.

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For detailed information about ticket packages, CLICK HERE

The FUSION team is filled with anticipation as we prepare to bring our latest production, ZORKA, to the stage, ready to captivate audiences across multiple cities with a total of 8 shows this year.

We're absolutely thrilled about our upcoming hometown show in Dieppe, set to dazzle audiences at the UNIPLEX Center this June replacing our typical fall show. In addition to our mesmerizing production, the second part of the evening, Mix, Music & Bites;  A Cocktail and Musical Experience, promises to be equally captivating. Following the show, join us for live music by multiple artists (The Mainlanders, Frank Williams, Tina Gautreau, Raphaël Butler, Jeremy Cormier, DJ and more). and a delightful assortment of unique cocktails and small bites. This fusion of music and cocktails is sure to make the event even more unforgettable for all who attend. This is by far the biggest FUSION event to date.

The Dieppe show marks a monumental milestone for our organization as we venture into the realm of arena shows for the very first time. Be assured, we're ready to surpass all expectations. Drawing upon years of production expertise and eager anticipation, this moment has long been envisioned, and now, it's finally upon us! The excitement is palpable as we eagerly count down the days until June.

Be prepared to be transported into the heart of one of Atlantic Canada's premier performance spectacles. Featuring the participation of over 75 local artists, this is your ticket to witnessing the pinnacle of the region's amazing talents. Don't miss out on an unforgettable experience!

Since its inception, the increasingly popular FUSION show has had 20 events, with almost 25,000 people enjoying their creative productions. Dieppe abstract artist, entrepreneur, and show creator Matt LeBlanc keeps growing and expanding his vision for his company’s multi-media extravaganzas.

The show unfolds seamlessly in a captivating sequence of story and dynamic artistic expressions, encompassing dance, singing, gymnastics, live music, acrobatics, and various other live performances. The FUSION shows are heightened by cutting-edge digital projections, a mesmerizing light show, meticulously crafted handmade and hand-painted costumes, intricate stage design, and sophisticated choreography. The storyline ingeniously weaves together all these elements, culminating in a grand and audacious entertainment extravaganza!


When: Friday June 14th and Saturday June 15th (two shows)

Where: The UNIPlex center in Dieppe
Presented by: IG Wealth Management
Show Time: Cocktail reception starts at 6:00 PM. ZORKA starts promptly at 7:00 PM. 
Age restriction: Open to anyone 
Charity: Since 2010, Les Productions FUSION Production has raised over $200,000 for various charities. We are very excited to partner up with P.R.O. Kids for this year's show. P.R.O. Kids is a community program that helps youth, whose families are experiencing financial difficulties, to participate in community, cultural and sports activities.
For detailed information about ticket packages, CLICK HERE


Time: 9:30 pm to midnight (after FUSION at the same location)

What: Experience an unforgettable evening at Mix, Music & Bites: A Cocktail and Musical Experience where cocktails become art and music ignites the soul. Sip and savor unique cocktails crafted by expert mixologists as live artists serenade you, creating a sensory journey not to be missed.

What's Included: When you purchase this event, you'll receive three different specialty cocktails from amazing local mixologists, two bites, and access to the event with live music. Additional bites and drinks will be available for purchase onsite.

Artists: Tina Gautreau, Raphaël Butler, Frank Williams, Jeremy Cormier, DJ, the Mainlanders and others. 

For detailed information about ticket packages, CLICK HERE


Not sure what to wear or what the reception is all about? Please review the FAQ for more information. You can also send us an email via our contact form at the following LINK. 

ZORKA Storyline

Step into the distant future of Zorka, a world shattered by an enigmatic calamity. Eli, a determined explorer, embarks on a solitary journey across the desolate landscapes in search of a sacred crystal that whispers promises of restoration.

Among the abandoned cities, Eli encounters holographic echoes, vividly portraying the bygone vibrancy, technological marvels, and unity of Zorka's people. These glimpses into the past become the backdrop to Eli's quest, offering poignant insights into what once was.

Amidst challenges and unexpected alliances, Eli reaches the heart of Zorka, where the remnants of the catastrophic event lie. With the sacred artifact in hand, she becomes the catalyst for change. The holographic projections intensify, revealing a vision of renewal and hope.

As Eli unlocks the crystal's power, Zorka begins to heal. Nature reclaims its territory, tribes find common ground, and the echoes of the past merge with the promise of a harmonious future. The curtain falls on a revitalized Zorka, guided by Eli's resilience and the echoes of its once-thriving civilization.